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Services: Global Services Scaled to Fit Your Objectives

Strategic Planning: Guyton Strategies works with industry associations and non-profits to develop strategic plans in order to better define their vision, goals and desired outcomes.

Example: Assisted a global commodity organization of diverse private sector partners, to develop a five year strategic plan which included defining goals, governance, role and responsibilities, and resource allocation.

Organizational Support and Evaluations: Guyton Strategies can provide an objective, external evaluation of how an organization can utilize is staffing and resources to better meet the needs of the organization.

Example: Assisted a ministry in the Middle East to review and revise their organizational structure to better match functions with staff skills. The recommendations led to clarity in reporting roles and improvements in staff morale and efficiencies.

Partnership Development: Bill Guyton, the founder of Guyton Strategies International has extensive, practical experience of building public-private partnerships among corporations, non profits, governments and donors.

Example: Through experience at the World Cocoa Foundation, Mr. Guyton developed robust partnerships between the 110+ company members with key donors (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USDA, USAID, GIZ, private foundations, and host governments) which resulted in regional programs benefiting over 300,000 cocoa farmers and their families in West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Technical Support and Proposal Development: Guyton Strategies International provides technical support and training to staff in home offices or overseas in the areas of agricultural and environmental services delivery. The organization also assists in writing technical proposals for private sector and donor programs.

Example: Guyton Strategies International developed the strategy for an agricultural development project in Latin America which included identifying private sector partners who were willing to contribute financial and technical resources to the project.

Guyton strategies helps leverage your resources; developing partnerships with cooperation, bringing together people, animals, & agricultural concerns — from farms to table.

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Bill Guyton, of Guyton Strategies International
Bill Guyton, of Guyton Strategies International

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Guyton Strategies International was launched in November 2016 to provide professional services for private firms and nonprofits working on agricultural development, environmental and health programs throughout the world. Guyton Strategies believes in the philosophy of “shared values” where each partner contributes their talents and resources in order to create truly sustainable development and business solutions. Guyton Strategies’ work is built on decades of successful development, leadership and partnership experience from it’s founder, Bill Guyton.
Bill Guyton is a senior-level leader within international agribusiness and non-profit organizations who is committed to leading the creation and implementation of global sustainability best practices. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his ability to create public-private partnerships as well as his ability to develop resilient supply chain and community-based programs.

Prior to establishing Guyton Strategies, he was the founder and CEO of the World Cocoa Foundation for 15 years where he grew the organization from a handful of companies to a globally recognized organization with 115 members representing 85% of the global chocolate industry. He also has worked in other agricultural value chains such as feed grains, livestock and fruits and vegetables.

In addition to his career record of successful leadership, he currently serves on the Advisory Board for the World Food Law Institute, the Board of Directors for The Alliance to End Hunger, and the Association for International Agriculture and Development.   Bill has a Master’s of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University and and a Business in Science degree from Colorado State University. He also served in the Peace Corps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Guyton Strategies International is pleased to work with an experienced group of consultants with global agricultural development skills. We form a team based on your project’s needs and objectives. Together we bring experience in strategic partnerships, supply chain sustainability, partnership workshops, NGO strategies, monitoring & evaluation, and host government outreach.

Testimonials:  Feedback from People We Work With…

Bill is a strong advocate and leader on food security issues in Washington, DC. Bill works well with a wide range of players in the food security space and is particularly skilled at bringing together the public and private sector for the greater good. For example, Bill helped spearhead two important humanitarian efforts in West Africa in recent years. The first was working with the World Food Program on funding relief efforts in Cote d’Ivoire during their civil conflict in 2011. The second was in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Sierra Leone where I raised over $1M in two weeks from chocolate companies to support relief efforts. He brings extraordinary passion and experience to his work as a member of the Alliance to End Hunger.
Rebecca Middleton

Executive Director, Alliance to End Hunger

Bill is a motivated leader whose accomplishments in the cocoa sector translate into sustainability across a variety of commodities and sectors. In the 3.5 years I worked at the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), I saw Bill successfully negotiate with senior cocoa industry representatives and West African government officials to launch CocoaAction. Bill provided a clear, actionable vision and process to develop the building blocks of CocoaAction, which tackled complex issues facing the cocoa and chocolate sectors. As a leader, Bill emphasizes on-the-job learning and growth for his teams. For example, at WCF he initiated staff-wide skills building in communications, writing, and public speaking.
Laura Ostenso

Knowledge Exchange Lead, Fintrac

As the Founder and President of the World Cocoa Foundation, Bill built the organization from 10 member companies in 2000 to over 100 members today in 2016. Having been part of the efforts to address child labor in cocoa communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, I appreciated his leadership and commitment to progress and good practices for cocoa communities and promoting education for all children without child labor. He secured funding for public private partnerships like Empowering Cocoa Households in Opportunities for Economic Solutions (ECHOES) that addressed sustainable cooca communities through basic and vocational education, women and household livelihoods, agribusiness training for youth and for women farmers
Vicki Walker

Senior Policy & Technical Advisor, Independent Consultant

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